About Us

Who is Monnie & Co.?

Monnie & Co. is a Mama owned Michigan based company.  

HI there! I'm Monica, a mom of boys on a mission to spread more beauty, love and inspiration through this world.

I want our customers to harness that feeling they get when they open an unexpected gift from someone.

  • A feeling they are beautiful,
  • A feeling that they are loved
  • A feeling of inspiration to pass to someone else who may need it.   

Weather that be one of our jewelry items or our signature mantra items.  Our mission is to make people feel empowered by who they are and what makes them beautiful. Each items is as special as the person who holds it.


I have 2 boys and as you can imaging, LIFE IS BUSY!!!!  I started this company because I knew that I wanted to do something to make people feel again. And when I say feel, I don't mean feel anxious like most of the world. I mean feel beautiful, feel love, and if you need a push of inspiration to push past that anxiety, I want to do that for you too!

In the hustle and bustle of life we often push ourselves aside for the needs of others. Feeling beautiful and love is IMPORTANT. And I made it my job to do bring that to you.

The products we have here are each handpicked and used by me! This means that I do not sell things that I would not personally use and love.  




I hope you love the things we have chosen for you as much as we do. 

If you need to contact us for any reason:

Email: hello@MonnieandCo.com

Phone: (586) 806-9560


Share love and inspiration ALWAYS,

Monica & Family          


We would like to hear your stories of inspiration: #MonnieandCo

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