Inspirational Collection: Signature Mantra

I Can, I Will, I Shall, I'm Excited!

Our customers love the strength this mantra gives to kick anxiety to the curb every time they put it on. 

This mantra has been used in our family for generations as a tool to help change anxiety into positive motivation.

When you are anxious about something, saying the last part "I'm Excited", over and over, helps to convince your mind that the anxious feeling is excitement and not anxiety. It's called Anxiety Reappraisal and it's brilliant!

Our jewelry mantra items use barely there engraving as the mantra is meant to be your personal tool to move past anxiousness for all the amazing things life has to offer you. 

"I want our customers to harness that feeling of beauty, love & inspiration they feel when they receive our products and pass it along to someone else who may need it."       -Monica, Founder Monnie&Co.