Jewelry Care and Materials

We, at Monnie & Co. value each of our pieces for the strengths and beauty they individually have. But not all pieces are created equal and not all jewelry types are the same. All jewelry can get wet, although we advise you always remove your jewelry when swimming or showering. This is a guide to different types of jewelry materials. Use this and prolong the life of your piece ✨

Gold Plated

Most of gold plated pieces use stainless steel as the base metal. While this type can take some wear and tear -We would not recommend working out, or swimming or showering while wearing gold plated jewelry. It is gold plated and as with any plating it can be rubbed off to expose the base metal without the proper care and maintenance. Wipe dry with a jewelry cloth to keep your piece looking good as new.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a modern material with a history of more than 60 years. It is super strong and hard to deform even under daily stresses. Used as the most sought after choice in many industries including jewelry, It's one of our most favorite choices for daily wear jewelry. It's lightweight and waterproof. It is most often used as the base metal but is becoming more and more popular as "the" metal of choice. 

Sterling Silver

Some styles are plated over .925 sterling silver making them a higher quality than gold plated over stainless steel items. Styles that contain sterling silver will not turn green or brown. They can handle getting wet - however we don't recommend it showering etc. with them on a daily basis.