I Can, I Will, I Shall, I'm Excited!

This mantra uses a very powerful tool called anxiety reappraisal, it's a tool to help change anxiety into positive motivation.  Passed down from my Grandfather, it's super special to us. And we are sooooo excited to present it to you!
Our customers love the strength this mantra gives to kick anxiety to the curb every time they put it on. 


When you are anxious about something, saying the last part "I'm Excited", over and over, helps to convince your mind that the anxious feeling is excitement and not anxiety. It's called Anxiety Reappraisal and it's brilliant!

Our jewelry mantra items use barely there engraving as the mantra is meant to be your personal tool to move past anxiousness for all the amazing things life has to offer you. 


My Grandfather had a mantra that he MADE us say when we were feeling anxious.

  • He would pull us aside before any large function that could possibly make us nervous/ anxious. 
  • Stand up tall and proud and say “I Can, I Will, I Shall, I’M EXCITED!”.  He stood there until you repeated after him- I’m Excited......- for what felt like a dozen times. LOL.

At the time I didn’t realize what he was doing for us. Until one day, I was listening to an audiobook and the author was explaining how we can trick our bodies into feeling the words that we say.  We can turn our negative anxiety into positive excitement. It finally made sense that Grandpa was forcing us to say I’m Excited so we would believe that those butterflies in our stomach were a positive thing.

I can't believe that my Grandfather had given me such an inspirational gift and it’s now my job to give it to others.  I’m so happy to share the mantra; I Can, I Will, I Shall, I’m EXCITED with all of you.  It needs to be out there in the world to help in any way that it can. 



I hope you love the things we have chosen for you as much as we do. 

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